Act 2: Balancing Toner – 120ml

Act 2: Balancing Toner – 120ml



Our alcohol free, Balancing Toner, is enriched with Thermal Oligo elements and natural active ingredients. Tilia floral water, helps to balance, refresh and restore the skin’s pH level. Its unique composition helps to prevent dryness/irritation, neutralises oxidative stress and re-balances the hydro-lipid barrier. Balancing Toner eliminates daily pollution, impurities and residue from the skin’s surface, post-cleanse. Resulting in skin feeling renewed, soothed and hydrated. Lipo-dissolving agents prime skin effectively to receive follow-on skincare, and achieve maximum visual results.

The Balancing Toner has an All Star Cast of optimum concentration, quality actives including the famed Italian Bella ComplexTM


I have to say its always such a relaxing experience visiting Dr Pradnya, from the moment of entering I just feel completely at ease and made to feel so welcome and comfortable. Dr Pradnya is a true professional with a personal touch. Looking forward to coming back in a few weeks!
Dr Pradnya is a delight, she is very approachable and puts you at ease from the moment you walk through the doors of her beautiful clinic. Dr Pradnya is a true professional and I have been delighted with the treatments and results that I have had. A very lovely experience from the start from a very lovely team.
Dr Pradnya is a genius. Anyone can inject, but Dr Pradnya creates a masterpiece, enhancing your natural beauty. Thank you for your expertise, advice and passion in what you do so well. The care and aftercare is excellent.
Having a great interest in skin care over many years, I have visited many London well known beauty salons. Without a doubt I find Dr Pradnya far superior to all others. Her staff and the whole atmosphere are excellent. How fortunate we are to have them locally.
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